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April 10th 2022

Tickets are initially limited to 2 per family per show, Check for the correct show and click book now.


1.00pm – 3.00pm

1. Nu Generation Competition Team
2. Pre School Ballet (Saturday 9:10)
3. Junior/ Beginner Tap (Linlithgow)
4. Intermediate Lyrical
5. Pre Junior Acro (Thursday)
6. Totz Stars (Saturday 9 & 11 am)
7. Beginner Jazz
8. Pre School Ballet (Linlithgow)
9. Junior Ballet (Saturday 10:05)
10. Pre School Hip Hop
11. Advanced Lyrical
12. Intermediate Tap
13. A chance to dance
14. Beginner Cheer


15. Nu Evolution Competition Team
16. Pre School Tap (Saturday 9:10)
17. Intermediate jazz
18. Advanced Ballet
19. Junior Cheerleading
20. Junior / Beginner Ballet (Linlithgow)
21. Pre School Acro (Thursday)
22. Pre School Tap (Linlithgow)
23. Intermediate Acro
24. Ballet Tap Totz (Saturday Morning)
25. Junior Tap (Saturday 10:05)
26. Intermediate/ Advanced Hip Hop

4.00pm 6.00pm

1. Intermediate/Advanced Cheerleading
2. Junior Hip Hop
3. Pre School Ballet (Saturday 11:10)
4. Beginner Lyrical
5. Preschool Tap (Friday)
6. Advanced Tap
7. Junior Ballet (Saturday 12)
8. Junior Tap (Friday)
9. Intermediate Ballet
10. Beginner Tap (Friday & Saturday)
11. Preschool Cheerleading
12. Junior Acro
13. Advanced Jazz
14. Pre Junior Acro (Saturday)


15. Advanced Acro
16. Preschool Ballet (Friday)
17. Beginner Hip Hop
18. Junior Tap (Saturday 12)
19. Preschool Acro (Saturday)
20. Junior Lyrical
21. Preschool Acro (Monday)
22. Beginner Acro
23. Junior Ballet (Friday)
24. Tot Starz (Tuesday)
25. Preschool Tap (Saturday 11:10)
26. Junior jazz
27. Beginner Ballet (Friday & Saturday)
28. Nu Era Advanced Competition Team

Q & A’s

Here are some of the most common question that we are asked, More detailed information has been emailed to all customers.

Face Covering

Face covering must be worn at all times during the performance.


Please sanitize your hands when entering and exiting the building.

  • How do I book tickets?
  • Can I record or take photographs?
  • How much are tickets and how many can I purchase?
  • What happens if we have missed the rehersal?
  • Can I see my child during the interval?
How do I book tickets?

Please call Howden park centre on 01506 340700 to book your tickets.

Can I record or take photographs?

As not all participants have given photo consent you will are not permitted to record or photograph the show. We have arranged a professional videographer and photographer for our show.

How much are tickets and how many can I purchase?

Initially only two tickets per family per show can be purchase, additional seats will be released towards the end of march if available. Tickets are £14 each,

What happens if we have missed the rehersal?

Your child will still be able to participate in the show if they have missed the rehearsal, We do encourage you make the rehearsals if you can.

Can I see my child during the interval?

During the interval the backstage doors will be locked to ensure the safety of all the performers, Please ensure your performer has all that they need before the show starts.