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Voted Best Dance School Three Years Running And Winner Of The Dance Business Awards Creative Early Years Program 2023 

2 week trial for only £15
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Dance Styles

We Offer A wide Range Of Fun And Exciting Classes From Toddler Through to Adult! 


Toddler Classes

(Walking - 3 Years)

Toddler classes that introduce the joy of movement through playful activities and song.


Hip Hop Classes

(Ages 3 - Advanced Teen)

Energetic styles that blend street dance moves with popular music, focusing on rhythm, creativity, and performance flair.


Acro Classes

(Ages 3 - Advanced Teen)

Combining dance with acrobatic techniques, our acro classes focus on flexibility, strength, and tumbling skills.


Stage Academy

(Ages 4 - Advanced Teen)

Fun, comprehensive training in acting, singing, and dancing at our very own Stage School.


Cheer Classes

(Ages 3 - Advanced Teen)

Fun, high-energy classes combining elements of dance, pom and acrobatics.


Ballet & Tap Classes

(Toddler - Advanced Teen)

Blending the grace and precision of classical ballet with the rhythmic, expressive movements of tap dance.


Commercial Classes

(Ages 5 - Advanced Teen)

A vibrant and dynamic style performed to popular music, often seen in music videos.


Jazz & Lyrical Classes

(Ages 5 - Advanced Teen)

Blending energetic, rhythmic movements with fluid, expressive techniques to create dynamic performances that range from sharp and lively to deeply emotive and storytelling.


ASN Classes

(Ages 5 - Adult)

An inclusive, supportive environment where students of all abilities can explore and enjoy dance through tailored instruction and adaptive choreography.

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